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I think the half face respirator and ruined jeans really ties the theme of my Light loadout together. Really gives the right post-apocalyptic bandit vibe.

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Now, I've been involved in the Nerf hobby since 2006 and I'd like to talk about a trend I've noticed.

In 2008, the Nerf Vulcan was basically the best new blaster you could buy at the time, the cream of the crop, and it cost a whopping... $40 US. That would be $53.10 adjusting for inflation.

In 2022? There's basically no super-high-end flagship announced thus far for this year, but basic primary-worthy blasters cost about what the Vulcan did, and last year's just as bad, if not worse.

The cheap hobby-grade blasters of the Dart Zone Pro line start at cheaper than the 2008 flagship tier adjusting for inflation, up to basic stock Nerf-branded primary, and still perform better than the $120+ flagships that DO come out.

Further, the Stampede was the most expensive flagship blaster of 2009 and was the best thing you could get at the time and that would be $66 adjusted for inflation. Now they retail at retailers for a hundred, and are still bone stock, 55 FPS, and have to share shelf space with the Aeon and Nexus Pro, which cost about half as much and hit 3 times as hard.

Only Dart Zone has really kept the price tiers consistent with inflation. Hasbro has inflated their prices.

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"Excuse me what the blyat"

Light loadout's got an update!

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Well, said we'd talk about the Ronin clone, here we are.

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"new helmet who dis"
And yes, I've put a cloth filter behind the mesh


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