Who wants to talk about their Problems with me?

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Hey, Im here for anyone who is having a really bad day right now. Possibly make new friends too! I want you to know I Love you! You Should love yourself too! Im that kinda friend who Will be there for them for when they need a shoulder to cry on, Someone to Love them, someone to give them company, Someone to give them comfort, Someont to make them feel awesome again, Just someone to notice you in any way! Im That Guy. I can be what ever you want me to be too. We can RP on any level (Yes Even Yiff). We can just chat too. Just need you to know your amazing in every way. Also dont think your a mistake if thats what your thinking, because your not, I will go into further detail later because Im Tired asf but its not about me its about you. Im also sorry about the price I wanted to make it free but i couldent. So just Message me. Dont pay me! I dont need money, Its yours, keep it. You may need it. :)

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