Privacy Policy

1- Privacy Policy.

This site is not yet in official launch. As a result, this page is not yet complete. Please check back later! All and any questions will be happily fulfilled via our ticketing system, or contacting @SeiRruf on Anthrodex or Twitter, directly.

In a jist, you have the right to your privacy. Uploaded content, posts or messages remain property of you, and you souly. Site privacy filters allow you to restrict what is shown to the public, and what is. If in the event an official documentation is received demanding the release of your information to a government, we may be required to hand over said information. For your safety and everyone elses, it is not encouraged or welcomed to use Anthrodex for illegal reasoning.

We make use of cookies to keep you signed in, among other things. In no way are these cookies meant to jeopardize your privacy. Network analytics are collected to help us improve features of the network. These are often anonymized server-side. If the use of cookies are a concern, Anthrodex, along with the rest of the internet may not be for you.