About AnthroDex
Home of Furries, Scalines, Avians and all creatures alike. Treat yourself to a common ground where connections, friends and new chapters are only moments away.



AnthroDex is a familiar feeling social network for all Furries alike. Big or small, Furry or Scaly, Pawed, Clawed or Hoofed. We have a dream to have a network ran entirely by ourselves. You all! A place to make new friends and memories all at the safe and comfort of your home. With all online networks, one should be safe and witty when browsing online. AnthroDex is meant to be a place rated for most audiences, with a PG-13 rating. Free of x-rated content, heavy political posting and other nonsense, we're here to create an atmosphere that the mass desires. Your input matters! Your word administrates. This creates a safe place for all to browse AnthroDex without the fear of over-shoulder lurkers seeing things you wouldn't want them to see.


What makes AnthroDex different

Other Furry networks normally focus on artwork or other created content. This is absolutely fantastic and all but sometimes you go online to talk to friends and meet people, not browse through the artwork in the fandom. AnthroDex is not built around sharing artwork (though you absolutely still can!), but instead around being social.


How can I help?

Be the best you can be. Spread cheer and smiles. If someone needs help, either find the appropriate one to help them or be the chap to do it! This will in time turn out to be a community effort. Furries coming together to keeping this fandom beautiful. Be the Furry you want to see in the fandom. If you see something that shouldn't belong, report it immediately!

Contact @SeiRruf on twitter or @SeiRruf right here on AnthroDex for more information, should it be required immediately.

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