A poor, corrupted soul

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Sometimes dreams can came to life, but not all dreams are pleasant

Finished!!!!!(ok, this one look rushed) but compare it with the older versions

*bad english alert*

The new name of this fakemon is Dyros, derivated from dire. Not matter where and who are you, if you look their trueself, you die due the cringe of the impression.

The idea came after a dream I had when was like 10 years old, because played pokemon emerald and my most powerful pokemon were a blaziken and a mightyena. Tried to portray the thing but my habilities werent enought, but instead I got another characters, which are my lupgriffin and the pet sitting on my protogens shoulder

The die-if-you-look-it came from basilisc death glare, but remember that mimikyu also kills if you see its true form. Was only thinking in make a crypid pokemon

Also have a history, but is cringe. If you ask, i can answer, but is under your own risk.

Talking about the appareance, I decided to make saw-like teeth; not the best, but draw every teeth like a canid was worse

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