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Welcome to NightWolf Radio, the radio with the widest variety of music spanning from video game artist based off one of the most popular game most furs know, Five Nights At Freddy's. I also have rock music for the metalfurs, hip hop for those who wanna have fun, slow for those who just want to relax and listen to slow music, electronic/synthwave, for the people who want that electric vibe, and (if approved by SeiRruf Wilde) mature music for those who just want to vent, don't care, or just want to speak with pride, and a lot more that even I can't describe. I will try to get a new song in everyday to keep the vibe alive and don't be afraid to suggest a song to me I'm AlWAYS looking for new music. Just hit me up on my page with and YouTube link to the song and I'll check it out. if I like it, it will be downloaded and featured here with your name.