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Hey veganfurs! Im a omnivore fur but since I wanted to learn some more recipes... Could I get some veggie recipes for both diner and lunch? I kinda want to widen my scope rather than just cooking meat or macaroni.


The American Game
art and poem by me..

I was born without a voice
It's my life but not my choice

You hover over like a vulture
I must play the part of your culture

Working out to keep me strong
If I'm weak I wont last long

Living in a tiny cell
Why must my life be living hell?

Drugs and blades are a must
My love and compassion begin to rust

Fear only those who look like me
Trusting hands, that is the key

When eyes lock, it has begun
Focus so the battle's won

Blood beating down from the opponents chest
Lucky he now is bound to rest

People around cheering my name
For this is the new American Game


Quote was from vegan publishers, but I drew this and it won a contest on Deviantart :>


Where's Mama?
(poem by me)

Tumbling down the conveyor belt
Crying, pleading for someone to help

People blindly turning away
Going on about their day

Blood now gurgling down the drain
You point toward anything to take the blame

Mothers with no room to breath
Only to hang and bleed

Feeding on her flesh without care
Baby sure wishes momma was there

God has blessed them if they’re male
Be them female, welcome to hell

Can’t take the weight of her legs
How she wishes they wouldn’t steal her eggs

Once again she is forced to breed
Her loving children no where to be seen

The cycle soon begins again
Her baby boys now shredded limbs

His pleas and cries never heard
What have we done to these poor birds?


Racer (sketch and poem by me)

Racer is what they call me

They make me fly the streets
I have to be fast so I wont be beat

Flying over city, forest, and rivers
The night is coming and I begin to quiver

Predators looming my wings are tired
Believing it is about time to retire

I try to find a place to rest
I have done all I could and tried my best

Unaware of the danger nearby
My dreams lifted me up to fly

Suddenly weight crashed down upon me
I struggled and twisted trying to get free

I looked up crying at the creature's slitted eyes
I knew that I was going to die

I never got to make it back
Things got dark with a sudden crack

I never mattered to the people who left me all alone
The bets were on who could make it home


For vegans and peeps transfering to be vegan to find recipes and resources and help with animal rescues and maybe meets in the future.