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The March edition of #digginguppositivity is out! Our featurette is Blajn, spearheading the #artforua fundraising. We cover several other conventions, some animation and more!

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The February edition of #digginguppositivity is out! Our featurette is Manick, who runs the Western PA Furry weekend, several other charities, nature news, and more!

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This January edition of #digginguppositivity we feature Chise, who plays a very big role in our battle against Covid-19, of course we have charity causes from all over the world, other news from the fandom, animation news and more!

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The big #digginguppositivty Furry Charity Index of 2021 is out, covering many furry charities from all over the world!

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The November edition of #digginguppositivity is out! This month we ft. Joe G. Bear. Covering BiggestLittleFC Confuror AquatiFur canFURence Furcation BewhiskeredCon Team Fastest Furs Zootopia and more

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Digging Up Positivity: October'21
Wholesome furry news from the furry fandom and beyond!
This months featurette is Cassidy Civet, singer extraordinaire, further we cover furry charities, animation and more!


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