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The new #digginguppositivity is out! Featuring BioGodz, of VR Chat fame, and many more!


Hello! It has been a very busy few months. But the new #digginguppositivity Episodes you can check out on my new youtube channel. Including a little explanation why I had to move:


Looking forward to see you there!


Thabo Meerkat - YouTube

Welcome to my channel. You will find anything related to 3D animation, cosplaying, and other things I create.

Hello there! Big things happened, and I ended up having to start a new youtube channel. But it is launching fast! You can still see the #digginguppositivity videos there, and on AnthroTube as well:

My youtube page


The March edition of #digginguppositivity is out! Our featurette is Blajn, spearheading the #artforua fundraising. We cover several other conventions, some animation and more!


The February edition of #digginguppositivity is out! Our featurette is Manick, who runs the Western PA Furry weekend, several other charities, nature news, and more!


The page dedicated to the video series: Digging Up Positivity