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APRIL FOOLS! Here is a silly history video for you all to enjoy about the history of furry insults.


Today we dive into one of the most famous (and infamous) performers in the fandom. This is the history of 2 The Ranting Gryphon.

2 yrs - Youtube

February 2021. 3,000 Subscriber special for my Birthday month. Here is the history of ya boi, ScarTheFur :D https://youtu.be/Pn_64aI4YqI


Here is 2021, and with it the monthly history videos making their arrival. Today we talk about the history of the first furry convention ever, ConFurence. https://youtu.be/xAQ46BgAK30


The last timeline video to grace this series for what is likely many years, we dive into the modern era of the fandom and the political war that has been dividing many furries. https://youtu.be/cQ5Mvi8vaOI


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