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- Pricing on stickers, prints and just about everything else is dynamically calculated to get you the best price for bulk sales! Calculated primarily using the size and quantity and material desired for your particular order.

- High quality vinyl, laminated with a UV inhibiting layer which gives your sticker a lovely finish of your choice and protection from the elements! They are weather proof for indoor or outdoor use, rated to last up to 3 years outdoors (weather conditions may vary these results).
- LABELS: A more cost effective option to stickers, these are not meant for resale, but instead to personalize your packaging or otherwise label goods. They are printed without any laminate layer on a cheaper machine. Sold by the sheet, there are only a few pre-determined sizes and shapes currently available!

- Our fine art prints are printed using a 12 color system for the absolute best and sharpest results in detail and color reproduction! Offering printing on materials such as matte, photo gloss, satin, wall graphic, pearlescent/metallic, glossy canvas and such. Prices vary between materials.

- Currently experimental, we're offering custom full-color prints up to 10.5" x 16.5" on shirts! These start at $30 and go up with size or other printing details desired (double-sided, larger sizes, longer durability, etc)

- New and experimental! We're working on providing machine cut laminated badges for your con events, available in 5Mil, 7Mil and super thick 10Mil thicknesses! Also Giclée printed and precision cut, with a badge clip included! These are roughly $10/ea, or available as low as $7.50/ea in bundles.

- Button Pins
- Mugs / Cups
- Hats / Caps
- Mouse Pads +

- Please poke us on Telegram! @WildePrints
- https://telegram.dog/WildePrints

Reach us on Telegram!

Reach us on Telegram!

Click here and give us a poke on telegram (@WildePrints) for quotes, questions, orders, support & more!