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Name: Misty Tiva Donnhaidgh Aarin
Nickname: Ti
Age: 570yrs old
Species: Gryphon
Height: 5"1
Weight: 157 lbs.
Eye color: Heterochromatic-- violet & gold
Physical appearance: curvy, plump
Favorite clothing style/outfit: gypsy skirt, sleeveless blouse or tie dye tee, and blue jeans
Where does he or she live? Tenalach Sanctum, Smokey Mountains, NC
Speaking style: monotone
Hobbies/interests: writing, library, archery, drawing, singing, penny whistle, ocarina, violin, bagpipes, bodrahn
Special skills/abilities: time traveler, magical healing abilities connected to music and water, Goldenhand (aka able to bring creations and characters to existence through writing and song)
Temperament: healer attitude, temperament also mimics the ocean peaceful and calm in the right conditions yet is a force to reckon with when the storm comes
Religion/philosophy of life: Christian
Physical health: healthy
Bio: A little-known fact about gryphons is that they have secret powers that become manifest after growing up to the age of 90 (which would be the equivalent of 9 years old for humans). Once they manifest, They are born with silver eyes that once their powers manifest, they change to a colour, representing the powers they shall gain. And usually they get only one.

Misty, however was different. Born in the Early 13th Century Scotland, where her mother and father happily raised her. One day, only one silver eye changed, and that was violet. Representing her healing and creating bardic and script powers. Her other powers didn't come but for 20 years, after a great family tragedy...

That day, her father and mother were found and slain by the knights of the region. When she sought them and found their bodies, her rage rose high, and her current powers went haywire, creating an all-new, never before gained gryphon power-- time travel. In her shock and pain, she shut her eyes and opened them in the 1720s in the New World. (Talk about culture shock, eh?)

If he or she were lived in famous geek worlds:

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Favorite Subject: Potions
Hunger Games District: District 11
Steven Universe Gem: Ruby