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“Hey! Back off and no one gets burned!” I said as I approached the ally. “Well if it isn't the Dire-ragon Wolf himself. You know there's a bounty worth millions for you alive. Hmm, tell you what if you come easy, we’ll spare the girl's life.” the red one said, side stepping and showing a, slightly small, white, purple she wolf with long purple hair and a very long purple tail, her chest and belly was orange and her ears were lined orange with purple fluff inside and her face was partially orange. She was wearing a torn up shirt and practically shredded jeans. Her top was torn and exposing parts but I focused my gaze on her wounds. Her left arm was bleeding, her stomach was bleeding, and she was also bleeding from the mouth and nose.

We got out and once we were inside, I headed to the bathroom and grabbed some bandages, a syringe with some numbing medicine, a towel, some medical stitching string, a needle, and soaked a rag and headed back down stairs. She was sitting on the couch and was holding her wounds again. “Ok cover your chest with this cause I'm gonna need your shirt off to tend to that gash on your stomach.” I said handing her the towel and looking away. Diesel jumped up into the recliner and looked away as well. “Ok, I-I'm good.” she said and I turned around and faced her. I gently whipped off the dry blood around her cut and slowly stuck the needle into her stomach. She sighed in relief as the numbing medicine seemed to be working fast. I stitched her gash up and then wrapped some bandages around her as it was still slightly bleeding. I treated her arm, not as bad of a gash but still needed stitches, and once I was done she put her torn up shirt back on and hugged me.

this is my version of lolbit of my oc x fnaf character story, NightWolf x Lolbit
note: i know this is not what lolbit actually looks like but this is how i would see her
these are the exposed wounds on her body at this time of the story