Hey #furry fandom! Welcome to the landing page for These Uneven Odds, a furry adventure comic! Not only that, but it is also INTERACTIVE!

--Whoa! How does it work?--
Certain posts here will be marked with the hashtag #readerinput ! This hashtag means that you can suggest actions for a character in the comments using this format:

<Character Name> // <Action>

--When does it release?--
Monday, February 8th, 2021!

--How often do pages come out?--
The regular schedule will look like 4-5 pages a week minimum, every other week maximum!

--Will there be merch?--
Heck yeah! You'll be able to find it on Redbubble about a month after the release date!

--How can I help?--
Spread the word to your furry friends, share our posts here, and even link these posts on other social media! Even just a like helps!


Yeehaw, #unevenodds is being pushed back a bit to let the staff finish colors and also I messed up like five of the pages for episode one :((


CozyAlexrii Studios is proud to present:

These Uneven Odds - A Furry Webcomic!

When a group of 13 kids loses a member to a strange disease, they must learn to live on in a world where the universe is infinite, and to fight against the uneven odds.

This story was inspired by the song "Uneven Odds" by Sleeping At Last. Check it out! It's good. And it makes me cry ;v;