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I haven't posted here in forever but HECK I still love Zootopia. I've slown way down with collecting the merch though, on the account of having to meet other financial requirements elsewhere.


There has been so much Zootopia merch coming out for Hong Kong disneyland. I can't even keep up anymore. Then this new Zootopia statue toy thing coming out this November.. and the Judy Hopps Mickey head Christmas Ornament!! As much as I've been trying to keep up, funding has put me to a crippling pause with my collection. AArgh!


Has everyone seen this Zootopia Comics Collection book? It has SO MUCH to read in it! Including stories that weren't in the movie. It is a shame that the printing quality is so low... regardless, it's affordable and I believe if you're a fan, it's a must have. I included a few random pictures of the book and some contents.

I have this book!
I'll get this book!
I don't care for this book!

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