HEADS UP! - We're taking some TIME OFF this December to wrap our year up with taxes, expansions, etc!

We'll be TEMPORARILY closed after Dec 6th, until Jan 10th, 2022!
If you needed stickers done within this time, PLEASE, get those orders in NOW!

During this holiday time, our chat will remain open with infrequent replies. Without this time off, we'd be unable to ideally wrap up our year, which would continue to hurt already postponed expansions. We truly appreciate your understanding!

Our only exception to order processing through this time off will be through fulfillment vendors, such as Furality. Emergency orders *may* be considered, but a rush-fee of no less than 50% would be included with the invoice (IE: if an order would cost $100, $150 or more would be invoiced instead for rushed order processing).

To reiterate, We'll no longer be accepting new orders after Dec 6th, 2021 through Jan 9th, 2022. It will not be possible to have stickers produced through this time, so if you'll be needed them for an event near then, please get those orders placed NO LATER than Dec 6th! This includes but is not limited to all orders for the upcoming January Events, AnthroExpo, Further Confusion, Painted Desert FurCon, etc.

When we return, we'll hope to bring with new announcements regarding price charts, one-off order handling, new purchasable options (or at least further developing on these) and other goodies, such as but not limited to physical Gift Cards!

Our telegram chat remains open during this time, but replies may be delayed. So hang tight! Should you have any questions, please do give us a poke with those at your earliest convenience! We're of course reachable on twitter as well, but perhaps with longer turnaround times as it is not the primary point of contact.

TELEGRAM & CONTACT: https://telegram.dog/WildePrints

Wilde Prints, LLC on Telegram

Wilde Prints, LLC on Telegram

Pausing new orders from Dec 6th through Jan 10th, 2022 - Telegram chat remains open. Questions? Drop us a message! We're taking a Holiday Vacation & Wrapping up our Year!