The Opening Salvo

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WriterWolf wants to wave a paw hello. (Art by Lavilovi.)

I was "lured" here by someone on Twitter making mention of the site. Wolves are naturally curious, especially when far from their packs as they seek and know. The scouting wolf is to bring back to his pack all that he has learned of the world; he is teacher, bard, sentinel. Since I'm a writer, it's natural that I'm something of a lone Wolf, although I'm also a "popular loner" -- I know many, and many have met me, but few are in my inner circle, and I'm usually alone.

I'm glad to visit, to share a few things about myself, to meet new furs, perhaps to share a few stories or works in progress. Yes, I have a Patreon -- one for myself, one for my web comic -- just as I have published novels available in eBooks and print editions. It seems churlish, if not opportunistic, to list such links here, in a "first contact situation." For now, just know that I'm a writer by profession, with much more than half a thousand stories, articles, plays, screenplays, reviews, columns, and blogs under my belt. My first publication happened in November 1977, a time when one had to print out and mail stories in large envelopes, with self-addressed stamped envelopes inside, if one wanted to get his manuscript back. Imagine a time, from shortly after the stone age, where everything was a dead-tree ediion.

As comedian and social commentator George Carlin once said, "Words are my work; they're my play; they're my passion." Mine, too. I never got the chance to meet him, but I did know my mentor, Ray Bradbury, who said, "You must stay drunk on writing so that reality cannot destroy you." I promise you that I am thus inebriated, every minute of every day. Welcome, one and all, to my strange and amazing world. Put up your hindpaws and rest for a while. I think you'll like it here.

SeiRruf Wilde 5 yrs

A writer! Great little piece you have here. It's a pleasure to have you here. Also, your patreon link is allowed here if you wanted to post it for others!