The Entry of All Entries

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What if this were an actual quality first entry? Imagine..

Imagine a place without imperfections.

Imagine a place where everything was perfect.

Imagine if the first two lines didn't mean the exact same thing.

That place, would not be here, but with some work, time efforts and imagination, it could be.


Are you excited for the release of Anthrodex? What if it never gets off its feet? What if I am delusional and am aiming for the impossbile??!

WHAT IF THIS TEXT BOX HAD SPELL CHECK!?!??! Oh wait, it does. It just needs some work is all. lol


I don't know where I was getting with this. I just needed an entry to be created and figured this would be the best way to start things.

 P.S. Oh snap. Forgot to have an actual comment system on blogs. FB comments for now. Probably just shouldn't comment on them till that's fixed. My bad. lol

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