Life and shit

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update about life and shit.......(dots for the more than 32 character cap...which is kinda stupid but oh well)

Kinda been absent for a while until yesterday, I've been going through a lot of things lately with my fiance and with life in general. Job searching, trying to sell art and other things, dealing with the loss of my daughter, healing from my csection last october, and just trying to deal with the depression I've had my whole life. I also got a boyfriend recently too, he's super nerdy but also so comfy to just exist around.

I don't have a job still, and this corona thing has pretty much shut everything down in my town so I can't even get a job if I wanted to, it honestly sucks. The only way I really have to help pay bills is by selling art but I can't seem to get off the ground with that. I don't know if I'm charging too much or what...oh well, gotta keep trying.

OH! Also forgot to mention I stream now, random games mostly but it's fun either way. My twitch is

Armerkat Midnight 3.7 yrs

I hope things are getting better. I'm following you on twitch now.

Silver N 4.1 yrs

Damn. I sincerely hope everything gets so much better for ya. I mean it!

SeiRruf Wilde 4.1 yrs

Aww *offers the warmest hugs* I am truly sorry to hear that you are going through such a trial. May things look up for you soon! You're strong and will make it through this better than many others who will also try, I'm sure of it. :)

It is quite difficult to get off the ground with things, especially right now with this whole pandemic happening.. I am struggling, too. Always keep that chin up though, and remember you've got this!