Furry invasion at Japan week 2021!

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here's my story about attending Japanweek 2021 in the capital of my state a truly incredible experience! and with it... I bring some good thoughts along!

Hello everyone! Omega Husky here with a new post for Anthrodex, it's been a long time since I've posted anything worth submiting here but... I want to change the post drought and start doing something with this humble little account on such an underrated website!

So, a month ago I got word that the Japan Week convention was still a go in the capital of my state. And… how can I say this? I got pretty thrilled at the thought of finally going to another big event after a long time of staying home binge watching series and movies… and as well frequently hanging out at friend's houses.

So… word got out to my friends that Japan Week was finally confirmed for this month of November 2021 and… It didn't take long until our local furry chat got notice of it, so without wasting time I arranged a telegram chat to make preparations and as well plan some things ahead for the convention, not so long after people from our local furry group started to roll in. Maybe it ended as a reduced group of 8 people but one thing we didn't expect was what would follow our attendance. So Friday finally comes before the convention, we do some work on the fursuits, we arrange meeting points and a pickup spot… and the next morning we were all set up and hitting the road on the way to Japan Week.


 So first… entrance was a bit chaotic since there was quite a lot of people waiting on the row to enter the con space, not to mention that being a fursuit handler was something I didn't do since Califur Rainfurrest (yeah...that one) however, I still remembered the basics for a handler. Water, snacks, pay attention to the clock for headless breaks and if necessary some meds that the performer might need. I as well brought my fox mask along! Altough entrance as well got a bit slow since our tickets had a bit of trouble getting scanned and not to mention that we already had gathered some attention from the attendants.

Not so long after we managed to get past the gates and let some of our friends catch up with us on the entrance… there was already some kids asking us for pictures. I however got to say this… the 27th “beat a furry day” was something like a joke but still… I couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy since some peeps started to yell stuff like “yo tha furries are here!” I didn't know for sure back then if it was a joke or if they were actually serious.  So, we walk a few feet forward past the entry gates and… there was already a small crowd asking for pictures, I also took the chance to as well get a picture with my friends for the Japan week memory reel, we first saw the gaming panels, the Playstation 2 retro stand… (sadly no ace combat for me since someone had bought it already.) so we walk in and the farther we go in the less nervous I felt about handling. Slowly picking up the pace and watching the crowds I eased into the role of handler.  I got to admit that… I didn't expect such friendly response from attendants of the convention! I know that Otakus and furries don't usually mix well but there was a lot of people who cosplayed as characters from Jojo's bizarre adventure, Beaststars, BNA… there was also a fan of Team Fortress 2 cosplaying as Spy himself.


However we weren't trouble-free. Apart from some idiots going like “FURRIES!!” “THA FURS ARE HERE!” “GO TO HORNI JAIL!” and the like, nobody seemed to have the courage to do something else. I as well found out that some fursuiters seem to have ultra-instincts. Hernán the blu canine with me is partially blind and… somehow he managed to hear one of those hating dumbasses running behind him and wanting to push him to the ground, he got out of the way quick and the next thing I know is that the idiot is running around the con looking like he had some serious trouble on the head. (too bad I didn't manage to trip him)



So, despite the troubles we kept going. And the pictures with people kept rolling into the scene, there was as well some other costumes like a Tyranitar plushsuiter (he gave such good hugs!) and not gonna lie, the more I expent around the con the more I wished to get myself a fursuit of my own. However that is for later, but then when I thought that everything was over we ran into another fursuiter that had attended the convention alongside a small group of furries that came into the con too. That was quite the twist considering… so I didn't waste any time and led them to our local furry group in Telegram.

And anyways… after a few hours of walking up and down the line of stands and taking some more pictures with the attendants, it was time to go home at last. Many of us didn't want to go but the time of closing neared and so… with great pain in our chest we finally bid farewell to each other.

The next thing I know is that on the ride home after getting some burgers from the local drive-in we couldn't stop commenting on how well everything had turned out and how much fun we had at the convention And it was clear to me that I couldn't let this be just a photographic souvenir, at a friend's stand who was also on the local group… received some cash and in turn… I got myself a furry rainbow pin and that ace sticker. For me these are just a reminder of the furry community I had joined back in 2016, a community that certainly expanded my horizons in more than one way.

I was left nostalgic of that year… my first time on a furcon, those mornings doing some handling, receiving unexpected hugs from other suiters and as well hanging out with the likes of a big dragon and a GSD fursuiter. All of those pictures have sadly been lost to time and now… I feel again the same magic from the first time.

I really wish for Covid to end at last so I can attend more events, to be able to take more pictures and start over, but for now… I just gotta wait and endure the kung flu virus.

PD: I REALLY wish I remembered who was the pink fursuiter we took a picture with, I can't seem to be able to find him anywhere on the media. Anyone has a clue? w Also... I really wish I could figure out the editor to put multiple images and preview the post... Guess I wont ever figure it out how to as well resize the images since they dont seem to work. 


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