Road To A Placement #1 (01/10/22)

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The blog that follows my music journey on the Road To A Placement for a singer.


[RTaP #1]

My name is CASS1AN (CASS1AN Music) and this is my RTaP blog. "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." Everyone says that. Quite frankly, I never believed it. I was...the "ambitious procrastinator."

I always thought it meant south of nothing. But today that changed. I started working on a project that would mean EVERYTHING for my advancement in the music industry. I am making a beat. But, the beat is to be entered into a NATIONWIDE contest! The grand prize: $1,000 USD | MacBook Pro | Yamaha HS8 Speakers | Every Cymatics plugin and sound pack (ever released!) |

That's over $7,000 USD in value!

This is a huge step for me. If I win, it will be huge.

-- CASS1AN signing off --

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