June 11, 2021

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Today's the last day of school for me; I'm kind of feeling sad that I won't be able to get in contact with you guys until the next school season starts.

As said in the description, this is my last day of school for today. Yesterday, I have asked if someone would be my art partner while I'm working on a music project for DeadStop, but that might not be possible, as I explained earlier.

If there is any last-minute responses before I get off for the summer, feel free to pm me today. I'll likely be on till 3:00 pm EST, but I could be off earlier than that, so keep that in note.

As said earlier, this is my last day working on Desperation for Conjour before I break for the summer. Even so, hope everyone has a good day and I'll likely see you all again in August or September.

Chardero The Lupe 2.5 yrs

Have a great summer break!