The Journey of the Uragi World (Creation and Rising Interest)

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Just a story about how the Uragi got started, how it's evolved since, like a coming-of-age story but if it were for a species. XD

Note: The Uragi are a CLOSED SPECIES, but I am more than willing to have people join the community. :) 

Start: The story of the Uragi themselves started in 2016, but the method in which they were created goes back to 2014. In 2014 I made this dice and table based character generation game, which I named "Fantastical Creatures," and would play it here and there to make mushed hybrid species. It was really just for fun. At the time, I had a llama pirate captain fursona (I don't go for "simple" or "common" regardless of what I do, lol), and I was losing interest in the worldbuilding, so in 2016, I did some rolls, came up with a couple of options, but chose my roll of "bird/bear hybrid, taur body, male, tribal environment" and chose peacock for the type of bird to go with. From there, Prince Taburyk was born. 

From there, I designed him (and his original art is not as good as the new art, obviously, lol, we all learn as we grow, even artists who have been drawing for as long as I have), and started joining groups. 

Now, the first reactions to Taburyk and the species around him were basically "ew taur" and "too brightly colored" and etc etc etc. Furries can be very mean if you are not some cookie cutter mainstream species. But eventually, interest in them grew, and I started to build the world around them, and from there: a community, which is more like a family. 

Originally, there were 3 subraces (rainforest, desert, and tundra), and now? Well now there are 15 subraces. There's comics, we even have stickers, dakimakura covers, all sorts of goodies. And while I do all of the worldbuilding work myself, there are OTHER Uragi characters, and people who play them as part of my world. I'm basically the DM (for you DD nerds), and they're all player-characters in this world. 

Now: There are at least 50 people with Uragi characters, and some have multiple, a few have even made their Uragi their main fursona, which is kind of neat. :D There is over 1200 pieces of art for the Uragi world, and at least one piece a day is made by me, not counting other artists that are commissioned for work. There's a main comic storyline, which branches off into two others, there's Laya'zere's comics (which are a story on their own), and even some that are purchased monthly as side stories for peoples' characters. Our community has become a big alien bird family, and for that we are unlike any other community out there (at least from what most of us have experienced, anyway!), full of love and genuine support, that's why we may come here and be a productive part of this site as well. :3