Late New Year's "Resolution" Post?

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I hate resolutions. Lol. I'm already in the middle of doing shit, so this is just what else I'm going to be doing.

Last Year's Art Totals: 

(Not Including Non-Uragi Works)
447 SFW + 20 NSFW + 13 Sticker Packs

This year I intend to do at least the same amount (sometimes I go over) of 1 piece a day, and as far as personal life goals...

Last Year's Weight Loss Total: 

51 pounds // 23.3 kilograms // 3.6 stone

This year I intend to keep on that train of weight loss and getting healthy, so maybe another 40-50lbs. We'll see. c: 


I don't need "good luck," I am firmly in control of my situation, so. I will do it, regardless of what happens. :) That's the attitude you need, you want it, go get it/do it/etc.