A 2 Day in the snow

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This was also posted on Justfurry and it was posted 7 days ago.

Hello everyfur of the site! I just came back from the mountens yesterday and i want to tell you all about it! i went with the rest of the famliy while my 3rd little Cortney is back with my mom and mainly with the babys. I was with my Grandmother,Gewn,Kaden,Kamrynn,and my brother kentrell we all head to the moutens but the drive was soo long i almost fall asleep but good lord i brought my switch with me just in case. when the drive was over we made it to a little town called, "Big bear" it was a place full of snow and i never seen snow before! i was so pumped up to get the day started we also went to the store to get food before staying in the cabin. Kentrell on the other hand complanded about my fursona while we we're at the cabin and i was starting to feel a little upset but hey brothers can be brothers. I also think that the trip to "big bear" was about to take the mind off of negative things and think about the possitive mainly at the first night i drinked hot coca and ate s'mores It was a perfect combo of tastyness! ^w^ After we head to bed i close my eye and fall asleep the next day i got up and dressed for the next day. I had the first snowball fight with my two cousins and kentrell. i was on kamrynn's team and we begin the snow ball fight i was getting the other team so good i can't even stop! but then kentrell throw a snow ball right at my face i was so angery and pissed off that he releast the beat inside me caseing me to throw a big ball of snow at him but after that he gave up me and Kamrynn won the snowball fight! about a few hours later i had went to the lake and i saw 2 or 3 dogs there. we took a picture but it was not sent to me but at least we have our moments after that i got so waffles and ate them up everyone wanted to build a snowman and i decied to join a bit. I did not find my gloves that is be case someone keeps takeing them...so i stayed inside so i can look at the fire to get my mind off of things but mainly i felt so better after that i got my switch and played "pokemon let's go pikachuPokmon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! demo" and "just shapes and beats" I gave Kaden the ropes to Jsab but he was not getting any good at it. ^^; i head to bed at 10:01 and the next day the day is the day to leave i was shocked when i saw the snow man of how it looked and i said,"Eh it will work." as i said that i smiled and we took a picture but everyone was feeling very sad and disapointed i was feeling confused of why is it becase they did not get there minds of of negativeity? Well if so then it will be a long while before we get to go to big bear again. i went home and thought to myself after what i leared i should add to games to the switch! i head over to seven eleven to get a $20 eshop gift card with cortney and i got the two games one that is anime that i can't remeber the name of and the game "Fe" then i deleate the two games from the wish list getting me one step closer to compleateing the wish list. when night falled i went to bed and said, "Today was a great day i hope we do it again some other time!"