June 10, 2021

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Searching for a drawing partner currently.

I've been so focused on the progress done for the fnf songs, that I didn't pay any attention to the sprites. I wanted to keep this quiet for a while, but I felt like it needed to be announced on here.

My requirements:

1. It doesn't have to look perfect.

2. Most properties have to be the same as the original (overlay clothing is optional).

3. The furry has to be in contact with me one or more times (weekends will vary).

If you follow all of these guidelines, you'll be mentioned in the tracks that I make; maybe even shoutouts on Anthrodex itself.

So far, I have got my main (including the redesigned version), and Conjour sprites. What I need help with is Emerald, Axol, and DeadStop (pm me if you want to see the done sprites and Emerald's rough draft). Remember, each of these characters has to have its own animations (the amount of frames I don't care about much right now).

I'm still going to work on Desperation right now, so hope everyone has a good day and good luck making some new fur friends on Anthrodex.

Chardero The Lupe 3 yrs

Have a great day! Sure wish I was capable of contributing >.<